Object Tracking in iOS

I have been experimenting with the OpenCV library for use in iOS to try and track an object in real-time.

The process behind doing this is fascinating and remarkably easy to do with OpenCV, and while the initial set up is/was a bit difficult if you are only used to iOS development with Swift (you need to do some of it with Objective C) there are a lot of examples that can be found if you search.

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BBC micro:bit

I have had a lot of experience building and creating projects with RPi’s and Arduino’s (both hardware and software). So I have just ordered a dev kit for the BBC micro:bit . Can’t wait to see what we can do with this. Also found a great link for development info  here.

Erbium package.json

For anyone interested, below is the current content of the Erbium project package.json, along with a few  notes. The Ti block is used as the defaults when creating a new Titanium project and the steps to generate a new project is: add the new project name into project.name run npm ti-create This will create a basic blank Ti […]

Erbium – A Titanium ES6 Framework

For a few months now I have been using my favourite mobile development tool, Axway Titanium, and playing around with using ES6. This came about after running through a few Udemy courses on React Native. I think it is quite neat the way React Native uses JSX to define the UI and actually how much […]